Telling a story is an essential aspect of language development. When children tell stories, they’re using other skills too — like problem solving, describing, building vocabulary, inferencing, and social skills! What’s the Story? invites children to create or retell stories with playful animal characters and adventures.

What’s the Story? offers six different ways to play, to engage children in storytelling. The game can be played on its own, but pairing with Party Animals made it even more fun, as children were familiar with animal characters and adventures. The story cards include vignettes from the book that can be used in sequencing or combining with other animal adventures.

Our game testers loved these whimsical story cards. Our younger players used 3-4 cards, practicing temporal words like first, then, next, and last. Our older kids practiced using more complex language structure and especially loved combining creatures. Using these cards to practice storytelling can elevate a child’s academic skills, as well.

“Oral academic language has been identified as a pivotal skill repertoire for boosting reading and writing achievement among all students.” (Spencer & Pierce, 2022)

Go on! Grab yourself a box of these fun story starter cards! Available at The Speak Boutique