Kids had no trouble leading the play with Fire Rescue Rory as they grabbed the helping helicopter, pulled the trigger and activated the friction powered motors as it flew to the rescue. One little tester quickly declared a cardboard box as the doctor’s office as she “dropped off” the patient with a “concussion!” The propeller blades rotate as this kid-powered vehicle (no batteries!) races to attend to the patient. Slip the casted figure into the stretcher and watch Rory scoop him up with his magnet as they fly to safety and release by rotating the searchlight. This four piece set provides just enough props to start the story but leaves the play open-ended, providing the child with options to be creative and lead the story. Kids build language through pretend play as they experiment with different versions of the story as the removable figures can fly the helicopter, put out a fire, tend to the injured, find food or play doctor. The rescue is just the start of the story–where it goes next it totally up to the child.

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