I visit many area preschools, sometimes doing therapy within a child’s school setting, just observing or giving in-service training to teachers and staff.

Last week I went to a preschool that was new to me. I was impressed with two things I wanted to share with you.

As I walked in the entry way, I was met with an inviting display of books, organized by author and then  grouped by theme–holidays, seasons, events etc. A teacher could grab a section on Halloween or autumn, or get a good read-aloud from the selection. Kids could check out books to bring home. Does your child’s school have a lending library? If not, why not start one? Get the kids involved, donating books or finding families that have passed the preschool age and would be willing to donate gently used ones when they clean out.

When I got the classroom, I saw a parent seated with a child, writing in what I found out was his “journal.” Each 3 year-old had his own journal, a three ring binder, that collected his artwork, and pictures of him participating in various activities in the classroom. Parents volunteer to come in and annotate the journal, writing down the child’s description of their masterpieces and the photos that illustrate their day. What a great language builder–not only when the child provides the commentary, but also when an adult asks them to describe and tell about the photographs. The kids are building memory as well as language skills, reviewing what they did.

Let me know any other terrific ideas that are being done in your child’s preschool and I will share them here. Just post a comment and I will share it.