Geronimo Stilton bookI have found that kids enjoy reading or repeating phrases from books they are interested as they progress past preschool games. This week I asked a 2nd grader what books he is reading and he got so excited he took off to get them for me.

He brought me his Geronimo Stilton books, adventures about the lead mouse who was born in New Mouse City, Mouse Island. He is the editor and publisher of The Rodent’s Gazette, New Mouse City’s most widely read daily newspaper. He told me he Geronimo Stilton pageloves when his mom reads him these stories at night so I started reading it, having him repeat phrases with his target sound in them. I knew it was a high interest activity when I asked him too get his book and he came downstairs with a stack of 10 books in the series! “A robot vehicle called Solar will only allow one mouse to be its driver” certainly passes the test for having lots of /l/ words for practice and sparks the interest of a 7 year-old boy.