Ravensburger puzzle and playdoh animalsEveryone has challenging preschoolers to work with who go through your therapy bag of activities quickly and you scratch your head trying to find what will hold their interest.

This week I was with a just 3 year-old who loved to assemble my Playdoh animals as we rolled the ball for the body and added “tail, eyes, nose, and ears” as we worked on beginning consonants and vowels. We had completed Ravensburger’s “Counting Animals” puzzle first and it took up most of our table since she wouldn’t let me put it away. Next thing I realized she was matching her Playdoh animals and placing them on the corresponding animals pictured in the puzzle. The elephant joined the pictured animals that were playing water polo and the giraffe stood with the giraffe riding a bicycle! I sat back and fed her words to repeat as she enjoyed the puzzle as the backdrop for her play.