Teams go head-to-head competing to guess 5 target words listed on their card. But unlike other wordy guessing games, the objective is Less is More! The more concise and the fewer words used to get your team to guess all 5, the better.

One person from each team is selected as the clue giver and draws a card from the middle of the game board. The bidding begins to get control of the card. For instance, Team 1 says “I can get my team to guess all 5 in 22 words,” and Team 2 rebuttals and says “I can do this card in 19 words.” Whoever believes it can be done in the fewest words begins to give their clues and has 1 minute to get their team to guess all 5 words.

Here was a fun card that we played with the target words listed on the left:

  • Previous – “The one before”
  • Squirrel – “Nut gatherer”
  • Bar Exam – “Lawyer’s test”
  • Plumbing – “Pipes inside”
  • Itchy – “Poison ivy”

Now, that’s just 11 clue words… but it didn’t work out so well for our team. We had to use a few more words to guess previous, and lost the card to the other team, since we bet a mere 13 words at the start (ambitious!). Strong content and vocabulary is key to being concise and winning this game!

25 Words or Less also works great to play virtually (just using a different 60 second timer). Are you a person of few words? Bringing the fun of this TV Game Show to your living room and family game night is a blast.

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