Services: Speech Therapy, Language Development Services


Sherry provides individual, in-home speech and language therapy to children ranging from one- to ten-years-old, building speech and language skills through play. Whether it’s taking cars through a carwash with your preschooler or sailing a pirate ship across the table with your five-year-old, Sherry utilizes imagination and play to communicate and teach speech and language skills.

A vital component of the therapy process is the involvement of the child’s parents, who are encouraged to be part of the session and are given weekly suggestions to help improve progress. After watching a session, parents often say, “Now I know how to do it!” or “I learned so much today.” Daily parental reinforcement of target sounds, language structures, fluency and social language goals will help children to maximize their therapy experience and improve their speech and language progress overall.

Services include therapy specializing in

  • Language delays and disorders: Sherry has worked with preschoolers delayed in speech, grammar or functional language; higher functioning children on the Autism spectrum emphasizing pragmatic language; and school-aged children needing literacy-based language therapy.
  • Autism
  • Apraxia of speech: Sherry is trained in the Kaufman approach and PROMPT
  • Articulation delays
  • Language delays and disorders
  • Word-finding disorders
  • Diagnostic evaluations in articulation and language

Contracted services to public and non-public schools


  • Consultation with businesses associated with toys, books and games to enhance children’s language
  • Consultation with associated businesses that provide programs for children such as art, music and foreign language
  • In-service training for preschools on language expectations and enhancement in the classroom
  • IEP/PPT and Annual Review consultation
  • Pre-school and elementary school observations/strategies


  • Mom’s groups
  • Preschools
  • Pediatrician’s programs
  • Guest lecturer at college or university classes

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