This travel-friendly logic puzzle will test your reasoning, problem solving, and patience! GeoLogic is ThinkFun’s newest singular player brainteaser game. The 3D puzzle involves a 30-sided planet “core” with 14 different biome tiles that fit to cover the planet in different ways.

A biome is a major life zone and large geographic area where similar life forms exist in the same climate or environmental conditions. There are five major biomes that are all reflected in GeoLogic: tundra, forest, mountain, desert, and ocean. The pieces are different shapes, colors, and textures to reflect the environment. These different tiles sparked learning and conversation about the world around us.

Inside, there are 60 challenge cards with different levels: beginner, medium, advanced, and expert. Players can also become planetary architects and create their own biomes or take on a challenge card of their choosing.

This logic puzzle kept kids busy as they problem solved, planned, twisted and turned their planet. They revised often and thought out loud as they worked to cover all 30 sides of this world-challenging puzzle.

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