This chunky book contains so much information for toddlers as they explore 12 habitats and environments and learn to name animals, listen to their sounds and learn fun facts. Turn the pages to find animals that live in the desert, ocean, shore, farm or savanna and more, then touch to start your play. Slide to the three different modes–Animal Names, Fun Facts or Fun Sounds, to build knowledge about your animal of interest. “Gazelle, This gazelle can jump, ” and then we hear the gazelle’s sound. Press the light up star button and hear three learning songs encouraging counting, and following directions, “Let’s go to the farm, and what do you see? Cow, yes!” As kids explore they learn that animals share some characteristics to live in the same habitat–polar versus desert and start to associate those animals in a category, building their language skills, along with naming and learning sound effects. All that fun can be extended by sliding the language button to Spanish or English for bi-lingual learning play.

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