Leap Frog has added a new feature to its amazing interactive learning system, Leapstart, a pop-up screen with 3D animation. Kids learn through many modalities, visual, auditory and tactile so Leapstart 3D Learning System provides many opportunities for learning success. We tried it out with the new book, “Shine with Vocabulary Language and Communication Skills,” which I was most interested in as a speech pathologist. The upper left page lists what is taught on the open two pages such as understanding and using descriptive words, naming nouns, recognizing sight words, sorting words into categories, making compound words, understanding expressions and actions that show emotions, listening and following directions and so on. It feels like a goal book for a speech pathologist! Each activity has such depth in language skills. Princess Power lists adjectives to describe the three princesses pictured. Which princess are you most like? Touch two words to find your princess match. Brave and True brought up a picture of Cinderella, apparently my match, although I’m not as glam as she is! Just that one page of words describing princesses–brave, loyal, true, curious–would inspire so much rich conversation. The Leapstart library of over 25 books covers so many skills and age levels that make learning fun!

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