lhdlli-1The Queen’s Treasures, who has inspired kids to bring history alive with its 18″ doll accessories, has now given us their first doll, Laura Ingalls, from the beloved “Little House on the Prairie” series. Her strikingly beautiful blue eyes, sweet spirited face and soft braids will invite little girls on adventures back in the time when she rode the wagon train, churned butter, and ran through the woods. We couldn’t wait to open the box which was strong enough to serve as her bed, with a patchwork quilt and pillow, rag doll, and log cabin backdrop for pretend play. Arriving in her pretty eyelet ruffle-front nightgown and cap, the doll can also wear outfits (sold separately)matching with her owner as the collection includes an authentic pioneer long sleeved ruffled dress, apron and bonnet for the doll and apron and bonnet for her child companion. What a fun way to inspire little girls and their families to learn about and add to the stories of pioneer life on the prairie. So many parents have renewed interest in the Little House on the Prairie stories and enjoy reading them aloud to their children. Many moms tell me they are looking for stories that emulate a simple, value-based lifestyle as well as role models of brave, adventurous women. My English teacher/grandma friend was excited about the doll’s potential to “encourage them to read the books and learn about history.” By providing a sweet, realistically dressed doll and accessories, we can encourage imaginations, curiosity and creativity as kids seek to listen to and read the stories and re-enact Laura Ingalls Wilder’s adventures and beyond, building reading and writing skills as they author their own stories!

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