Speedy is the word as you are on the edge of your seat just waiting for the cards to be flipped over to scan your memory by category to come up with a word beginning with a specific sound. With only two decks of cards–the alphabet and categories like “board game” or “thing with a button”–this game seems simple but it can be challenging to come up with a tourist attraction or musical instrument starting with some of the more obscure letters in the alphabet. Our testers got through the whole alphabet, only getting stumped once. I think even they were amazed at what they came up with! I like how this game can be adapted to family play, by having a pile of easier letters and categories like “things with wheels” or “kind of  food” for the younger set and “movie title” or “historical event” for the older players. It was fun to see who clearly had interests and knowledge in certain areas like history, movies or geography. Speedy Recall expands vocabulary within categories and taps phonics skills while building language learning.

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