PLAYMOBIL knows all about giving our children optimal learning experiences during play. They create toys with every kid in mind. The AQUA Splish Splash Water Park is a must-have for summertime water play and educational fun.

This incredible toy offers the sensory benefits of water play (like a water table), but with more transportability, which parents love! Water play offers sensory exploration and a chance to build physical skills when children splash, mix, dunk, and pour.

Children will love the 9 play pieces that go along with the Splish Splash Water Park: 3 characters, 3 ocean animals, and 3 rafts. The water park includes other accessories, such as stairs to enter, a slide or bridge, and the best feature – a water wheel. When the crank is turned it creates a water channel throughout the circular park to move water vehicles and animals in motion.

Our 2 and 4 year old toy testers loved watching this cause and effect during their water play. They practiced turn taking and predicting when animals would pop back out as they floated behind the water channel. The center of the water park was described as the “hot tub” and our toy testers loved creating play schemas as characters walked up the steps, slid down the slide and into their miniature pool.

We witnessed so many great play opportunities, paired with tons of language for labeling (e.g. fish, boy, girl, slide, up, open), word combining (e.g. girl slide, water turn), and role playing:

“Oh no! Is that a lost octopus? We have to help him,” said our 4 year old.

The fun didn’t stop. Our toy testers decided that dropping characters from high above for a “cannonball” was necessary too, as they learned more eye-hand coordination and visual perception. The cannonballs became apart of the story as one friend dropped and the other “swam to the rescue” with a raft close by.

The Splish Splash Water Park showed incredible play value as children found many ways to practice different sensory, language, and cognitive skills.