Miniland’s ECO Junior Sand Set offers children an enriching sensory experience during sand play for children to scoop, dig, pour and more! It’s a must for outdoor play this summer and its durability will last for years to come.

Sand play is a multi-sensory experience that engages children’s senses of touch, sight, and proprioception. As children play, they receive valuable sensory feedback that enhances sensory integration and body awareness. Sand play promotes self-regulation as kids adjust their movements and interactions with the sand to meet their individual sensory preferences.

The ECO Junior Sand Set promotes open-ended play. Kids explore and experiment, observing cause-and-effect relationships and gain hands-on sensory-rich experiences. To develop language skills, caregivers can play alongside their children as they describe verbs and adjectives of sand play. Verbs like scoop, dig, fill, pour, and rake, and adjectives like full, empty, smooth, rough, wet, and dry, help children connect new words through play.

Sand play fosters social communication skills as children collaborate, negotiate, and share ideas with peers during cooperative play activities. Through shared sensory experiences, children learn to communicate effectively, express their thoughts and feelings, and engage in reciprocal interactions with others, fostering positive social relationships and emotional development.

Miniland’s ECO Junior Sand Set offers children a dynamic and enriching sensory play experience that promotes language development, sensory exploration, and ecological awareness. Through hands-on manipulation of sand and interactive play, children build essential skills and foster a love for learning through play. With Miniland’s ECO Junior Sand Set, every grain of sand is an opportunity for growth, discovery, and endless fun.

Available at Maisonette and Miniland