The Learning Journey International’s Wildlife World Puzzle – Rainforest edition, offers a glimpse into the rainforest. It combines the challenge of puzzles with the educational exploration of wildlife This 200-piece parrot-shaped puzzle, is great for problem-solving, spatial awareness, and vocabulary development.

Assembling a 200-piece puzzle takes perseverance and a keen eye for detail. Kids can work independently or cooperatively to problem-solving, analyze patterns, identify matching colors, and use trial and error to complete this incredible puzzle.

The Wildlife World Puzzle offers an opportunity for players to develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness as they manipulate puzzle pieces to fit together. By mentally and physically rotating, flipping, and aligning pieces, they enhance their understanding of spatial relationships.

It also sparked excellent conversation around animals and the rainforest ecosystem. Our 7 year old puzzler made connections from a recent school lesson to classify animals based on the complex layers of the rainforest habitat. From exotic animals like cheetahs, orangoutangs and toucans to lush vegetation such as ferns and flowers, this puzzle provides a diverse array of vocabulary words for players to explore.

Made with recycled paper and soy-based in, The Wildlife World Puzzle – Rainforest offers a multifaceted learning experience that fosters problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and vocabulary development. Whether enjoyed solo or with friends and family, this puzzle provides a stimulating and educational activity that inspires curiosity and discovery of the rainforest.

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