Gabbers by VTech is your new interactive furry friend that inspires pretend play and silly conversations. Gabbers love to sing, talk, and repeat back what you say to elevate play and encourage verbal communication.

Gabbers’ favorite place is to perch is on your shoulder (secured by a magnetic that slides under your shoulder sleeve!). This provided endless excitement and opportunity for imaginative scenarios and role-playing adventures. Through pretend play, children explore various roles, experiment with emotions, and develop empathy as they interact with Gabbers and each other.

Pretend play also encourages cognitive development by fostering problem-solving skills, creativity, and abstract thinking. As children navigate imaginary situations — like meeting Gabbers for the first time as they flew down from the sky — they created their own narratives. These language skills help them communicate effectively by engaging in role-playing and building confidence in their interpersonal interactions.

A favorite feature was the record and playback function. With the press of a button, kids recorded their voice and Gabbers repeated it back in silly “birdlike” peeps. Highly entertaining and lots of laughs! This interactive feature became part of their play story but encouraged verbal communication in younger kids.

Available in 3 different models: Finch (pink), Jay (blue) and Owl (white), Gabbers are the perfect furry companion for fostering language through interactive pretend play. It’s the perfect springtime or anytime gift for kids that love to sing and chat!

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