LeapFrog is a leader in interactive books, and this is a great choice for your toddler. 100 Words About Places I Go features 12 engaging pages with different environments: school, park, farm, beach, grocery store, etc. All relatable places that your toddler is likely already familiar with.

On each interactive page, your child sees an action scene along with pictures and labels on the borders of the page. This allows for parents to use verbs and nouns when reading aloud, for example “He is digging in the sand.” Parents can offer even more language while they talk through each category, work on item/verb identification (“Show me the umbrella,” “Show me who is sitting”), object function (“Which one is for digging?”), and practicing word initiation. 

The easy turn pages with category tabs, made it fun to look back at different scenes. For instance,  calling upon specific items within a category (“Where’s the backpack?”). This yielded lots of language, asking “Is it at the beach? Nooooo, Is it at the farm? Nooo,” and having the child search for items through categories. Research shows that arranging thoughts, concepts, and words into categories facilitate meaning, memory and retrieval for later use.

100 Words About Places I Go features ten touch sensitive locations on each of the 12 pages, teaching toddlers about words, colors, and counting. It has two language options (English and Spanish), parents, teachers, or therapists can wipe it clean, and it’s great for developing language and fine motor as they must point and press on words/pictures to hear it. There are three different modes of play, including Word Mode, Colors and Counting, and Fun Sounds, all great for initiation and new word learning.