51eRt163KsL._SX285_Don’t we love the activity all contained in a little box? ABC Puzzle+ Book by Tiger Tales arrived and I had such fun with my 3 year-old friend. A book and puzzle organized by the alphabet offered plenty to talk about. Each page highlights a different letter with 6 photographs illustrating words that start with that letter. A firetruck, fish, flamingo, frog, feet and food all surround “Ff” with two questions per page to help adults start the conversation. The 30-piece puzzle had the upper and lower case letters on a bright green background and could be carefully flipped over to reveal a photo of an object, animal or person beginning with each letter of the alphabet. My little guy wanted to start with the alphabet side. The only problem was he wanted to continue to sing the alphabet song, so I told him he could do it after he finished each line of the puzzle! When you finish just gather up the book and puzzle pieces and keep them stored in the colorful box. A good value, this set is a great tool for therapists or parents for learning language.

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