1438-Ready-Set-Color-Wipe_cmyk-407x300Kids knew just what to do with “Ready, Set, Color and Wipe!” as they explored the colors, turning the color wheels to see pictures in blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, and green. “What’s this? A mix,” declared my friend as he watched the colors change as they were added together on a seventh wheel. “Let’s see if there is an apple in here,” as he rotated the red wheel, naming all the pictures. Use the palette to brainstorm what objects or food come in that color, or draw your own additions to each color category. An ocean color-by-number and house of shapes is included for kids to practice reading beginning numbers, shapes and colors. Colorful markers with a wipe-off feature invite lots of drawing and discussion as kids created and filled in their pictures. Drawing is a great reinforcement for learning the language concepts of shapes, colors and numbers to introduce preschoolers to love learning!

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