890M_USA-MapintheTub_frontangle-351x300Water+fun+learning is a winning combination and Alex Toys knows how to make that happen. I’ve been a fan of their tub toys for years, even sending off “Pirates in the Tub” as my favorite baby gift. The USA Map in the Tub was such fun for kids to assemble,  and chat about, sticking to the bathtub wall. My little friend was non-stop chatter, “I love Texas,” “Now let’s find Oklahoma, we need to find the raccoon,” “Maine, this goes all the way to the end,” “That’s where we lived,” and “I found Connecticut!” An added feature of this toy is that it can be used on dry land too. After a little boy assembled it, he took the accessory pieces (car, boat, airplane, Statue of Liberty, bridge, bus, and others) and stood them up over associated states. The dolphin stood over Lake Michigan, the bridge went over the Great Lakes (or “United Lakes” as he called them), and the plane flew over the country with sound effects. What a versatile language learning toy to inspire sharpening geography skills as well as talking about different states, animals, rivers, lakes and oceans, with a splash of fun.

Available at Alex Toys. Click here