“All About the Planet” by Highlights is a gateway to a world of knowledge and exploration about plants, animals, and ecosystems. It includes 80 captivating pages of fun, educational content that encourages language development, spatial awareness, and fundamental concepts and facts about our planet.

Every page is a playground for language and vocabulary development. Through its engaging descriptions and pictures about different parts of our planet, like the ocean, rainforest, desert, and mountains, “All About the Planet” invites children to explore the mysteries of Earth. Our kiddos learned facts about plants and animals, tracing and writing thematic vocabulary words, and especially loved matching animal stickers to their shadows.

The 50+ activities sparked discussions that enhanced their language skills. Children described and inquired about nature and animal life and naturally expanded their vocabulary to strengthen their communication abilities. For example, our 4 year old inquisitively asked “So then what’s the difference between a peak and a summit?” We had to turn to to the dictionary for that answer.

“All About the Planet” introduces children to the beauty and complexity of our world. Through fun activities like maps, mazes, matching, puzzles, and more, children gained insights into Earth’s animal habitats, and ways to help preserve the delicate balance of our environment. This new knowledge sparks curiosity, conversation, and sets the stage for future exploration and appreciation of the natural world.

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