Spring has arrived with the associated exuberance, energy and joy as blossoms bloom, the farmer’s market opens and flowers are bursting forth. From spring cleaning of the large scale house, we see painting a fresh coat on the railing and batting the comforter outside, to planting the farm fields and getting the barbecue grill ready. Details are beautifully illustrated inviting plenty of conversation. Part of the fun is to follow the characters from the house to the farm, city and park. There is so much to observe and compare characters from page to page, as Cara rides her scooter through town, loses her hat and visits the Bookstore or follow the fox, peeking in the garbage can, and roaming the streets while Erica sees Billy slip on a banana peel, bandages his had and accompanies him shopping for pants to replace his torn ones. On the back of the book, the characters are depicted with a question or phrase to send kids on a journey to answer the query. “Who threw the banana away? or “Tracy is surprised when she opens her trunk.” What page and which scene will tell us what happened? There is clearly fun in finding something new each time a child picks this book up again to explore the drawings and mini-stories that are depicted.

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