Kids led the way as I opened the package of Strictly Briks, as 7 and 9 year-old brothers started right in making words and math problems. It was quiet until they called on each other to find a specific letter, number or symbol to complete their message, word or math problem. What a great reinforcement for learning when the two boys plunged right in, practicing what they were learning in reading and math. Kids benefit from a multi-sensory approach, pressing a letter into 2 pegs on the 10″ square board, adding a physical experience to their visual presentation of letters and numbers. Plus, these Strictly Briks are guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands, so there is no limit to how kids can practice reading and math through signage on their building creations. Name the buildings, give directions, provide costs, etc. Give these to a teacher or therapist and they will be used creatively to build reading and math skills. Somehow, “NK” was left on the board so we started to brainstorm words that end in “NK” to generate rhyming words. Rhyming seems more fun when you can physically change up words so fast for everyone to see!

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