t300_7c4e070c0e76d9e9cb5e431faec8a027Animal Patterns Puzzle by BigJigs is a beautifully designed puzzle that motivates children to learn and match animal designs and patterns, linking a zebra with black stripes or a giraffe with orange spots.  The puzzle’s wooden frame holds nine different animal patterns colorfully painted within its boundaries. The corresponding puzzle pieces cheerfully illustrate an assortment of animals and insects with their main body cut out. The object of the puzzle is to match each animal or insect piece with the correct pattern that is revealed underneath on the board. This can be a slightly challenging puzzle for young children but is definitely worth the effort as it helps develop coordination and dexterity and is an innovative way to help toddlers learn the basics about some insects and animals such as ladybugs, pigs, zebras, and giraffes. The puzzle sets the occasion for language learning on a variety of levels. A caregiver can engage the child in conversations about the animals and insects, where they live, what colors they are, the noises they make, and so much more as they work together to put the pieces in the right spot. My three year-old puzzle partner enjoyed making the sounds of the animals and insects as she searched for the correct home for each piece, happily buzzing, mooing and bleating!

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