Babies and toddlers will love cooing, babbling, singing, and dancing along to the Animal Rhymes Music Book. This interactive book features 7 easy to turn pages that encourage language, sensory, and fine motor skills.

Two different play modes are offered: Nursery Rhymes and Music. The book speaks and sings and has over 50 songs, melodies, and phrases. Kiddos can explore the book and practice fine motor skills by twisting, turning, and sliding parts of the book. They loved the cause and effect learning in the clicking sound that was made when they or a caregiver moved a play piece within the book.

The catchy nursery rhymes and familiar songs helped to promote language development. Caregivers sang along while babies babbled, danced, and clapped in applause. The musical instrument buttons on the side acted as a piano and also introduced new vocabulary and colors.

Easy to wipe clean, excellent for repeat play, and awesome for encouraging fine motor and language development – the Animal Rhymes Music Book is a great gift idea for the musical baby in your life.

Available exclusively at Walmart