Multiple shapes, beautiful colors and inviting characters draw in your little learner to some building fun. The 17 wooden pieces can be fit into a flat puzzle but the language learning starts when you go 3-dimensional. Our little testers stood up the pieces and took steps up to the bridge saying, “Up” and “Down” as they crossed over the water. Little houses were assembled for the cat and dog while the mouse hid under a piece moulded to his shape. This is a language therapist’s dream to have 7 of the 17 pieces with characters on them to promote pretend play and talking. Stars, a fence, bridge and grass provide the backdrop for a cat, dog, mouse, frog, ladybug, bee and duck at play. Putting away the flat puzzle can be a learning experience too as kids learn directional words like next to, under and on top.

Available at HABA: Click here