Kids spotted my plastic tube of Art Rods and connector pieces and wanted to start the play! I set them out for kids 5-11 years old and watched the wheels turning. First a 5 year-old started bending the rods into the letters of his name. Need to dot the “i”? No problem. He simply coiled a rod into a tight circle and placed it atop a straight rod. Kids kept making things and leaving them around the house for me to discover, a stethoscope, chain, snake and so on. It’s no surprise that these Art Rods were created by a kindergarten teacher as they are a fun tool for kids to learn letters and numbers as well as create props for pretend play. The foam exterior with a wire rod through the center provides a squishy, bendable line for making an animals, jewelry, figures and even glasses, encouraging kids to exercise their language, reading and motor skills as well as provide a sensory experience. As any clever teacher would, the inventor of the Art Rods continues to add to his product line for further creative experiences. He recently has added animal feet and heads, shoes, neon lighting piping, and snaps so the rods can connect for longer pieces. These rods would be a wonderful addition to the playroom at home as well as in a center in the classroom where kids can drop by and create!

Available at Art Rods. Click here