A game of “Describe and Draw,” ARTributes gets kids thinking about descriptive words and how to depict them through a drawing. My 7 year-old players took a turn and chose 2 adjective cards from which to draw an image depicting one of the words. From jumpy, cold, gloomy, tall, play and busy to sparkling, wet and lazy, kids drew clues to help their fellow players guess the adjective on the card. They loved the drawing on the dry erase boards when all eyes were on their drawing with kids calling out their guesses. We felt pretty good getting “sweet” quickly until the artist said, “Did you know what I drew?” I was sure it was 3 ice cream cones but in fact it was 3 strawberries (he even had the seeds on them), but we were successful anyway! Some word cards are more abstract and difficult to draw and guess like weak, brave, neat, or busy, while others are easier such as tall, clothes, or wet so you can pre-select cards for the younger kids if playing as a family which would be fun. What a wonderful way to have fun learning vocabulary, describing what adjectives mean and how you associated it with your drawing–all building language skills!

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