We all know that babies can be pretty hard on books, nibbling on the corners and ripping out pages–so why not a wooden book with easy flip corners? Hape’s “At the Farm” has wooden pages illustrated with bold water-based paint to illustrate our favorite barnyard buddies–a pig, sheep, duck, rooster, dog, cow and horse. Parents and caregivers feed little ones language as they describe the animals, “the round, pink pig with the curly tail, standing in the mud,” or “the white, fluffy sheep nibbling on the grass.” Talk through the pages with animal sounds like “oink,” “baaa” or “neigh.” Pages are held together by a string attached to a little handle so a child can take their book along as they move about. Alternate corners of the outside pages protrude, making it easier for a child with special needs to manipulate the book and read on.

Available at Hape: Click here