walkietalkies-1“Come look at what I found behind the swings! Over,” came through my walkie talkie while playing in the yard with my 6 year-old, adventure-loving friend.  We spent an afternoon outside searching for bugs, creatures, and interesting artifacts with our Comms Expert’s Walkie Talkies. Taking play to a whole new level, these walkie talkies allow communication to exist within a 2 mile radius- a distance where typical playful conversation would cease to exist.  Lavish adventures await the owners of this set as they hit the backyard with friends and allow their imaginations to take over. Add the included Comms Expert iron on patch to your collection of the Backyard Safari patches and combine the uses of the walkie talkie set to the other exploratory gear from Backyard Safari Outfitters and an educational expedition will follow. You know it has been an exciting and eventful afternoon when you hear from your fellow explorer, “Let’s play with these again tomorrow! Over.”

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Julie Fracker contributed to this review. Julie is passionate about working with kids and pursuing a degree in speech pathology at University of Connecticut.