51Iblw1r32LRumple Buddies “Beary Rumples” is just fun to say let alone a wonderful first toy for your baby. Designed by a mom who knows her research, that high contrast black/white and red are preferred by newborns and more easily processed visually, stimulating brain development. This little friend offers a multi-sensory experience as his big eyes and smile attract baby for conversation with the parent or caregiver, encouraging language learning. My little friend studied Beary Rumples and broke into a smile, exploring his ears, concentrating on his eyes and touching his nose and mouth. It didn’t take long for him to start making noises to him too. Babies prefer to talk to a face so this fun little bear engages them encouraging coos and sounds. A good baby toy provides lots to talk about as the adult narrates for the child–one black arm, one white arm, crinkly toes, a red heart, wave goodbye, cuddle, squeeze, and so on. Babies learn language through experience and what they’re interested in so as long as he is looking at Beary Rumples, keep your running dialogue going about the bear. Beary Rumples even comes with a first baby read-aloud book as he finds a friend. Might I say our little bear is also so soft for a little chew as well as take-along as baby gets bigger. Easy to grasp as a baby and light enough to carry around later, this bear becomes a real friend. Maybe he’ll even be the start in a little role-play around 1 year of age, getting put to bed under a washcloth. A versatile learning toy, this bear wants to come home to your baby for smart play!

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