Blues Clues and You! fans will love to have their very own Handy Dandy Notebook to engage with Blue and her friends, pressing buttons to start conversations and learning about healthy habits, weather, shapes, numbers and phonological awareness to prepare for reading. Press Cinnamon’s button and hear, Cinnamon’s feeling a little sad today. How are you feeling today? (pause) You are so good at talking about your feelings.” Let’s play with Slippery Soap,” To keep it clean what should Blue and you do before every meal? (pause) You should wash your hands and paws.” I love how Blue’s friends invite toddlers to think and join in the conversation, leaving a pause for them to respond. Kids can go on a shape hunt, select a healthy snack, “Blue is hungry for a healthy snack. Blue is hungry for a vegetable that is orange and crunchy. What do you think she wants?” Count with Tickety, find colors on the apps and tell Shovel and Pail what you like to do outside when it is rainy. This little notebook is a fun take along companion for learning foundational skills to prepare kids for school.

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