I never thought packing the car was particularly fun until I watched a one-year-old happily stuff the picnic basket, hat, ball, umbrella and suitcases into the trunk of this squishy, plump car. Eight soft, crinkly pictures to pack delighted toddlers as they smashed the items into the little hand-sized compartment in the back of the car, shut the door, and secured the silver tab to keep their prized possessions safe. As only toddlers know, it is just as much fun to take everything out as it is to put it  in. Take a peek at yourself in the back mirror, open the hatch and start all over. Easily grabbable, this cushy car feels like a pillow and gets used like a rattle too. Language building begins as you follow your child’s lead, as they hand you the items or they start to load them in the car. Name them, talk about their shapes, colors, and what we do with them–“The goggles, we need them to see underwater.” “The picnic basket, that’s where we load our food for lunch.” Use rich vocabulary to build your child’s word base and strengthen language skills. During your child’s first year and a half, parents can build their child’s receptive language (understanding of words) in preparation for their saying words and little sentences by age two. Have a good trip–Bon Voyage!

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