GAMEWRIGHT-109Clearly a game that kids and parents can play together, “Bring  Your Own Book” was a hit! We played with kids’ picture books as well as a library book a child brought along. The Picker drew a prompt card, read it and players looked through their books for text that satisfied the prompt, the favorite being the winning response. “A name of a cat” brought out “Trixie” and “Spike” while “The name of a fast food restaurant” bought giggles with “Splash, Splatter, Splutter,” (my favorite), and “Gila Monster.” “Something you would hear at the zoo” inspired, “funny little fish face,” and the winner for “The first thing you say when you get up in the morning” was “Ay Caramba!” Although the game is geared for 12 years and up, my first grade teacher friend was determined to take this to her classroom. She went through the prompt cards, finding many that would be easy enough for younger children. What a wonderful way to encourage reading, comprehension, processing, and  association skills as players search for a word or phrase that completes or goes with a prompt. My group of four didn’t want to stop!

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