Toddlers can start up a lifetime of enjoying train sets with Brio’s “My First Farm,” the newest addition to BRIO’s wooden railway system. My little 2 year-old needed no instructions on how to attach the ramps for easy access to the track when she rolled up the engine to take a ride through the farm. Two big yellow gates swing open and closed to gain access to the barn. Five little animals–a cow, sheep, cat, pig and chick–are waiting in the meadow for a ride. They fit one at a time snug in the wagon that attaches magnetically to the engine to pull the load. The set inspired lots of talking, “It’s a orange cat.” and “Sit down here kitty.” As the train went over the track she said, “A little bit bumpy guys!” “We have four many cows.” When an animal is placed in the farm meadow, an interactive color reader plays one of three sounds specific to that animal, such as the pig sloshing in the mud, the sheep baaa-ing, or the cat eating. This simple but open-ended play set inspires creative story-telling as toddlers respond and talk to the animals while taking them for a train ride and listening to the sounds of their voice and activities. Just listen to the language learning as kids play!

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