Table top bubbles that teach?! Now experience 3D bubbles with Build-A-Bubble! The incredible geometric learning experience where kids use fine motor skills, build spatial awareness, problem solving perseverance, and have fun!

With 57 bubble building pieces, kids create 3D open structures by joining rods and connectors to create endless geometric shapes. Next, dip your 3D shape in bubble solution to create geometric bubbles. Cube-shaped bubbles, pyramid-shaped bubbles, and more! Build-A-Bubble defies all previous conceptions of the same ‘ole spherical bubbles and kids are amazed!

The instruction booklet includes tons of geometric vocabulary to learn, like vertix and face. It provides plenty of 3D building examples and their names, where kids were easily comparing and contrasting geometric shapes and talking about the similarities and differences of each.

For example a PENTAGONAL PRISM is different than a PENTAGONAL FRUSTRUM. “One pentagonal face has to be smaller than the other to a be a frustum” commented our 3rd grader.  “And the structure faces are different too.”

Not up to speed on this geometric vocabulary? This hands-on building and learning experience kept kids engaged and learning and they readily used these new words during play.

Available at South Beach Bubbles