I love cooperative games! They always seem to spark the most conversation and language during gameplay. Working together always encourages bonding and teamwork with a common goal and everyone has fun.

Players roll the dice and match yummy decorated donuts to the board, based on the their roll. But watch out for a that sneaky mouse! If they roll a mouse, then a donut is taken off the board for mouse to enjoy. The objective is to get four donuts in a row.

Our toy testers began plotting from the start as they carefully and strategically matched which donuts to place on the board. There was lots of dialogue as they worked together towards a common goal.

“Put the sprinkle donut next to the the chocolate one with icing. Then we can get 4 in a row two ways!” – 6 year old

“Please don’t roll a mouse, please don’t roll a mouse!” – 4 year old

Players use tweezers to gently place the round wooden donuts on the board. This was great for supporting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination too. The Busy Busy Bake Shop combines conversation, teamwork, turn-taking, fine-motor and fun.