Cinderella’s Shoe Shop was a huge hit with my little friend and her 18″ doll. She immediately started stacking the shelves with her merchandise (darling boxes with shoes and bags sold separately) and rearranging the signs announcing sales, fine women’s shoes and a quote from Cinderella, “One shoe can change your life.” Our little one opened the first box of pink glittery sneakers and said, “They’re just like mine!” Mom said, “I love how it all comes in nice boxes to keep things organized.” The black quilted boots were next which her doll, by the way, wore over to The Queen’s Treasure’s Farm Stand, just in case it was muddy! Next she opened pink sandals with a glitter flower, a shiny silver bag and buckle shoes. She carefully tried on each pair, and then set up the rest of the store. Her prices were a bit high but we loved using the cash register and paper money. What a fun set to generate stories about fashion (tuck the pants in or out of the boots??), merchandising, selling, and buying. The Queen’s Treasures’ sets are so versatile for play and story telling as you can purchase other themed signs and accessories to expand play and language learning, in this case their Bakery and all the yummy cupcakes and sweets to tempt you.

Note: Special pricing for Shoe Shoppe and accessories.

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