Kids couldn’t wait for me to open the box to reveal 12 golden dragon’s eggs, so they could choose one and start excavating. Each egg comes with a chiseling tool and directions to soak the egg in water for a few minutes and begin chipping away to find which dragon is inside. The children read through the Excavation Guide to learn about the Fire, Fortune, Harvest and Moon Dragon as well as others and what mythical magical powers they possessed. Of course kids chose their favorite and hoped for the best as they started to chip away at the egg. They talked about which dragon was most like them and matched their personalities. One chose the Wise Dragon, “known for their kindness, helpfulness and politeness.” Further learning activities are suggested in the Excavation Guide to draw a dragon map with caves, swimming spots and play areas or create a d dragon cave out of recyclable materials and the empty box. Kids loved entering into this mythical world of discovery and learning. With 12 eggs in a box, it would be a great group or birthday party activity too.

Available at MindWare.