You may already be familiar with the very popular EggMazing Decorator. The newest DinoMazing Egg Decorator is roaring good time where kids are learning fine motor control, pattern recognition and having fun.

The DinoMazing Egg Decorator includes 6 colorful markers and 2 dinosaur eggs, each with a mystery dinosaur and slime inside. Our toy testers loved squishing through the slime and finding all the parts to their mystery dinosaur to assemble. They practiced fine motor skills as they pressed dinosaur parts into the body and quickly engaged in sensory play as their new dinosaur stomped and trekked through slimy marshes.

Once dinosaurs were discovered, The DinoMazing Egg Decorator was a hit as kids 3 and up took turns crafting their own egg styles. They worked on fine motor control as they used the markers to decorate their eggs. Kids practiced color naming, pattern recognition and created their own patterns. The final product was proudly displayed and kids even practiced “egg hunting” as they took turns hiding their eggs for each other to find.

The DinoMazing Egg Decorator lended far more play value than anticipated! With build-your own dinosaurs inside (or mix-and-match your dinosaurs!), slimy habitats, pretend play, and seek and find activities after decorating, the DinoMazing Egg Decorator will bring new discoveries this Easter and beyond.

Available at Hey Buddy Hey Pal and Amazon