Grab a dinosaur and step back in time to inhabit Dinosaur Island for some creative open ended play! Kids got right to “work” in setting up their play and exploring the four sections of the play set. By the way, the model is easy enough to assemble that a 10 year-old did it independently. The stegosaurus followed the footsteps through the mud, into the cave opening around the corner to the”graveyard” as kids called it where a skeleton is in the ground. Moving around the play set, kids loved the waterfall section, where their dinosaurs hid behind the stream of water and perched on the precipice above.  Accessories include a free standing tree, nest with eggs and 8 dinosaurs, featuring parent and baby. They next moved from the free standing tree “where the other dinosaurs can’t get the eggs” to the different perches in each quadrant of the play set. The lava was an integral part of the story as the dinosaurs explored, flew and ate their way through the island. What a wonderful prop to ignite imaginations and story-telling, big enough to accommodate several children who can add to and collaborate on their story while doing some role-playing with their favorite brontosaurus, stegosaurus, pterodactyl or T Rex! This set is ready for sturdy play at home or in the classroom, inviting kids to have fun while expanding language learning.