The quality and art detail in Ravensburger puzzles is unmatched. We love puzzles for their educational value, as a child practices key cognitive skills like logic, spatial awareness, critical thinking, and concentration. 

The Dinosaurs in Space puzzle includes three different square puzzles in one box. Each puzzle features a particular dinosaur astronaut including a Tyrannosaurus Rex (aka “Rex”), Brachiosaurus (aka “Geoffrey”) and a Triceratops (aka “Tina”). They’re all dressed for important missions with their helmets, lunar boots, and space packs. 

When our 4 and 6 year old toy testers tag teamed this box of 3 puzzles, they immediately began to talk about similarities and differences between their puzzles. The beautifully detailed art scenes became story starters as they worked through finding a place for each piece. 

“Rex is the first T-Rex to ever get close to Saturn. He’s the greatest astronaut in the galaxy.”

“Tina is a girl astronaut and she has a super space pack that’s turquoise.”

Studies show that parent interactions during puzzle play help to promote spatial thinking and later math skills. Puzzles are a great family activity where parents can “coach” children when working through challenging puzzles and use key spatial words and directions like above, below, between, edge, corner, side, curve, and flip. Puzzles are always a great activity for kids of all ages, and Ravensburger is a leader in providing incredible puzzle quality, built to last, with compelling art that is sure to spark conversations and storytelling with your child.