Wonder Forge imagicademyStorymationJunior producers and directors get ready to set up your animation studio and start filming! Snap open your plastic case for all the essentials for creativity–8 bacgrounds from Disney classics, costume clay molds, modeling clay, posable Minnie and Micky Mouse, cardboard favorite movie characters, and animation wands. My friends opened the case to reveal the stage and selected their backdrop from Frozen and Monsters Inc. discovered the clay and began to sculpt added characters and props for their show. A white snow cat was added to Frozen’s story and an island and crocodile to Monsters Inc.–go figure, but their minds were already in action. The tablet stand snapped together to hold their iPad and we were ready for the first cut. Launch the free app whose excellent instructions are age-appropriate for kids to follow independently and easy enough for adults who aren’t as intuitive as their kids! Follow the Stop-Motion tips or just be a kid and figure it out as they repositioned their figures, rotating, changing perspective, size and speed. Tap ok to finish your film and select from several features to slow down or speed up animation, change color, add special effects of bubbles, snowflakes or rain, choose an opening scene, name your movie, and add music. My little friend created a long movie with Micky and Minnie Mouse among the characters in Monsters Inc., chose a black and white effect, named it “Old Drama” and added appropriate background music. I love a set that provides all the props to stretch imaginations but still encourages open-ended play as kids create their own story independently and enjoy the process. Now let’s sit down and enjoy the show.