DPP_RoyalPetSalon_Beautyshot 2As soon as little girls saw the box of the Royal Pet Salon, they were excited to play. They chose their favorite well-coiffed Disney pet, spun the spinner and were on the move through the 3-D Royal Pet Salon. Move your pet through the little doors from tiara fitting to ribbon cutting, hair styling, sudsy spa and more as you search for posh pet products pictured on face up cards. When you find a match, the card is yours to count up at the end to declare the winner. Wonder Forge does an amazing job of creating preschool games filled with learning and fun that double as pretend play props. My little friend was happily moving her pet for new pampering between turns so she kept asking me, “Where am I again??” Finding the kleenex, scissors and blue jeweled tiara took some examination, much like the games where you have to find what’s different between 2 pictures. Lots of chat ensued as girls decided what room to go to next which should have been according to where they could get the most cards, but often was where they wanted to pamper their pet! In these days of competition, it’s refreshing to find a game where pretend play takes over within the game. Lots of language learning is embedded in this game as girls play and talk among their pets, learn vocabulary within a category, and look for and describe details. When I explained that when you draw all four tiles to complete the clock, the game is over, one little friend said, “So we have to NOT get that so we can keep playing!”

Available at Wonder Forge: Click here