Wonerforge Tea PartyDon’t we girls just love a tea party with our own place setting, tea cup and Fairy Headmistresses to offer treats? Kids loved blowing on their teacup to spin the color wheel, practicing good manners with a curtsey,  please or thank you, and squeezing the air puffer Teapot to make their tea spin. Start by spreading out the 36 treat tiles in including  “a little key lime pie cupcake” and chocolate dipped strawberries, turn one over on your turn and follow the pictured directions. Flip over a treat to find a color, teacup, teapot or “Good Manners” pictured to give you directions. Place your treat on the matching colored Fairy Mistress’ plate, blow on your teacup to spin to a color directing you to collect all the treats on the matching colored Fairy Mistress’ plate, use the teapot to “pour tea” around the table allowing all the players to win treats, or collect a treat for good manners, keeping your elbows off the table or recently saying “please” and “thank you.” As one little player collected her good manners treat she proudly said, “That’s why I’m always keeping my elbows off the table!” This is clearly a standout offering that seamlessly integrates pretend play with fun, beginning game play. Children are exercising matching, decision-making, good manners and language skills as they pour a cup of tea for a friend before themselves, decide where to place their treats, and chat it up at the tea party! Spinning the colors in the teacups by blowing or puffing the magical teapot were clearly highlights of the game as girls shared an age old custom of pouring their guests a cup of tea, delicately blowing on it to cool off and tipping it up for a sip as if sitting at the Plaza for their first real grown-up party! When kids transport themselves to an imaginary place, it activates language learning as they create their story.