Channel your inner scientist with Dissect-It! This is the ultimate hands-on learning experience for children. There are four different animals to choose from: frog, salamander, piranha, and bat. Children work their fine motor skills as they peel through a one-of-a-kind gelatin material that gives a realistic dissection experience.

Our eager toy testers followed the detailed Laboratory Guide as they learned all about their animal. They made the first cut in the middle along the backbone as the guide suggested and slowly made horizontal cuts to discover different systems and parts.

The Laboratory guide is loaded with information and our toy testers soon became animals experts. Kids used the included tools to cut, pinch, and peel away the gelatin as they discovered organs and matched them to the diagrams in the lab guide. They learned about different species, animal behaviors, and special skills and diets.

Why We Love It

Hands-on STEM experiences like Dissect-It make learning more memorable. Dissection is a fascinating approach to teaching science and anatomy and kids genuinely became more interested in learning more fun facts about their creature. They showed incredible retention of new knowledge as learning became multi-modal. Learning was both visual and tactile and they readily labeled animal parts after their first dissection.

This learning toy also includes two refills so kids can experience the dissection process more than once. A fantastic value that’s packed with learning and fun!

Available at Top Secret Toys, Amazon and Target