imgres-1Flip over the Doc McStuffins sign because the Doc is “in!” Kids couldn’t wait for the Checkup Center to be assembled as they started their pretend play saying, “Who wants to be the assistant?” Lambie is provided for a checkup with a realistic props to give a shot or check ears and reflexes. Kids knew just what to do and started examining each other too! Lights and sounds are activated as the doctor checks out the diagnosis in her Big Book of Boo Boos for “nervous nellies” or “sleepytosis” which can be fixed with some cuddles, examines Lambie on the lit up heart table, or slides her x-rays for viewing. Doc can weigh and measure the patient or talk to Hallie on the phone. Kids loved finishing up their visit with the roll of bandage and heart stickers. Kids of varied ages played side by side as they tapped their imaginations and wove a  story about a visit to the doctor’s office. Creative play builds language as children learn how to create a story together. For those who prefer quiet play, lights and sounds can be turned off so that all you hear are the voices of the children.