Crayola’s Doodle and Draw markers and colored pencils sets are the perfect companions for budding artists of all ages. With a stunning array of colors and versatile marker tips and points, these artistic tools empower kids to explore their imagination and bring ideas to life.

Each Doodle and Draw set offers a kaleidoscope of shades, so artists have the perfect color for every masterpiece. From bold primary colors to subtle pastels, the palette is as diverse as creativity.

The different Doodle and Draw marker sets also have different marker tips and points. The fine tip is perfect for intricate detailing, adding fine lines and delicate accents to artwork. The broad chisel tip is ideal for broad strokes and filling in larger areas with bold, vibrant color. Whether kids are creating a detailed illustration or a bold, expressive poster, these markers have got you covered.

As kids create art, they enhance creativity and self-expression. Through the vibrant hues of these markers and colored pencils, kids communicate emotions, thoughts, and ideas visually. Expressing oneself through art is a powerful way to boost self-confidence and cultivate a sense of accomplishment. It encourages thinking outside the box, explores different perspectives, and embraces the beauty of diversity.

Available at Crayola, Amazon, Walmart, and Target