22298Who doesn’t dream of a pink triple tiered cake with ice cream cones or lollipops on top? Kids loved this creative cake-making game that captures the fun while including learning lessons across many disciplines. Twirl the spinner to see how many cake pieces or which ones to choose. Start building your confectionary tower with the cake stand, big and small tiers, icing and topper. Kids can actually get into a little strategy as they decide to gamble at making a higher cake for more Ribbon Cards. The Cake Measuring Stick tells how many ribbons you earn, depending on the height of your cake. The pieces are beautifully decorated with swirls, stars, polka dots and patterns which adds to the language learning as kids talked about choosing the “swirls,” wanting the “trophy topping” and describing their layers. This game has elements of assembling a puzzle, and practicing counting, adding, measuring and describing. At the end of the game, my little friend called out, “I’m gonna eat it!” and pretended to gobble up her cake. Let the smart play begin!

Available at Ravensburger. Click here