uKloo-AppTake the uKloo fun on the road with their new FREE app, an extension of their popular Early Reader Treasure Hunt game that exercises emergent reading skills while on the hunt through the house. Their new app takes kids into the digital world of new environments like the farm and market, expanding reading vocabulary in familiar experiences outside the home. Begin by choosing the farm or farmer’s market, select 1-10 clues, and level 1-10 according to your child’s reading ability.

As with the board game, kids read the short clues to look for the uKloo card whether under the mouse, on the white cheese or beside the bird.  The same clear, helpful chart is available for kids to independently figure out words by matching captioned pictures to the word in the clue. When kids correctly read the clue and follow the directions, they are rewarded with fun actions like a snake slithering out of the log, a dinosaur hatching out of an egg and flying away or juggling cupcakes. After several correctly read clues, the child is reinforced with “Way to Go! You did a great job!” I really like the pure learning in uKloo’s app, driven by the child’s motivation to learn and reinforced with a verbal high five, not a lot of fancy reinforcers. Amazingly, just being able to read was enough of a prize for the kids I played this app with. Isn’t that what we want–to instill the joy of learning?

Available here